Sobriety Court Testimonial

A Sobriety Court graduate’s letter to the court detailing the impact this program has had upon their life

Greetings ma’am!

I’d like to thank the court for allowing this program to even exist. Had it not been for this program the valuable lessons learned would have probably sunk in at a period in life when it would have been just a little too late! At the point where regret and the should haves, would haves, could haves would have haunted me to my grave. Mr Swartz I vividly recall my fear of your broad stature at every court date especially at my sentencing. I stood there fearing the unknown . It wasn’t until months into the program that the reality of my fears truly sunk in and I realized it was never you I feared but myself and the fear of actually succeeding in life and reaching my full potential! The 3-5 minutes you dedicated to me at every court date showed you at least cared if only the slightest . Your broad stature went from that a vicious bear to a plush care bear.. I thank you for restoring my faith in court system. True whatever faith I lacked was from my actions, because they alone were the cause of me being before you in the first place. For those of you that don’t know , this man dedicates his time freely to this program.

I always said I’d be nothing like my father, but my actions as a father were a mirror image of the person he was and is. It was more important to be the king of the pool table while out drinking my contenders and having the bragging rights of an idiot. Meanwhile my relationship with my children suffered as the nightlife consumed me . One of the greatest gifts received here was the ability to re-invent myself! On every level. A better father, significant other, employee and just all around human . In life I’ve been blessed with the gift of craftsmanship and through this have been fortunate to have worked on everything from Vegas strip casinos to the homes of a prince and princesses in Beverly Hills. This program allowed me the gift of working on the most prestigious and deserving project , and that particular project stands here before you today ! I have met some extraordinary humans in the process. Bright and extremely intelligent people that unknowingly through repetition of habits engrave into their subconscious a false illusion of what life is and what it should be…

Mrs. Shannon always so graceful and whiling to help and for that I am grateful . I THANK YOU! The IOP program put before me some very special counsellors . Although at times I couldn’t help but feel the redundancy of the revolving door and the feeling of just being another number. It is unfortunate the staggering numbers before them that make it almost impossible to touch every soul. I personally was ready and willing to try something different. There is a dark void in that operation where those that are hopeless slip through the cracks , fake it just enough to get by and fail to receive that extra push their slave driven subconscious needs to make the change. Those are the unfortunate that either overdose on drugs or drink and hurt themselves or others in the process. I ask myself what can I do towards change!? It’s easy to talk about the problem but where and how can I apply myself and make a difference!? Love is the only solution!!!! I challenge everyone of you present before me to learn to love yourself first and foremost ! From there one can begin to love those whom hurt due to our addictions. The world around you will shine a different light that you’d never seen , felt or imagined possible! Last but not least a thank you to the cop that pulled me over that night. Without him non of this mental state and being in the position to help others would be possible! Thanks!