Behavioral Health Court Testimonial

A Behavioral Health Court graduate’s letter to the court detailing the impact this program has had upon their life

To Whom It May Concern:

The BHC Program is not one that society can afford to lose. After my mother’s suicide in 2005 1 fell into the grip of crack addiction. Over the next 9 to 10 years, my life was out of control and I was helpless to stop it. I found hope at first, but when countless rehabs didn’t work, I just accepted that this was my life now. I had lost my husband, children, home — everything but my car — in which I’d get my first D.U.I. and my first introduction to BHC.

It wasn’t easy at first. I relapsed several times, but with the loving and caring guidance of the BHC staff, I learned coping skills (that worked) through groups and other resources. I was put into therapy where I was taught to confront my problems and talk about them instead of stuffing them down, because they’d always resurface if not dealt with. In BHC I found forgiveness, but most importantly, I was able to forgive myself. I was no longer the woman that would abandon her husband and children. I was no longer the woman that sold her body for a piece of crack. I was no longer a woman that lied and cheated. No longer a slave to this body.

I found Jesus Christ in this journey. I found someone who loved me and it was through BHC that His miracle was worked.

Today I have my family back, I have a beautiful home, and finally I have peace.

I you care al all about this world you’ll continue to support BHC and other programs like it. You aren’t only saving one person from certain death or incarceration, you’re saving families. My children have their mother back because of BHC and the wonderful caring staff that are within it. I hope my words will make your decision easier.



Constance Maye