About NorthShore Court Foundation

Who We Are?

The Northshore Court Foundation supports the problem-solving courts of the Twenty-Second Judicial District Court of Louisiana with community education and fundraising activities. These efforts are intended to sustain current, enhanced treatment programs for eligible justice-involved individuals. The Northshore Court Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Why Specialty Courts are Effective?

The problem solving courts of the 22nd Judicial District Court (known as “Specialty Courts”) are funded by grant funds from the State of Louisiana through the Louisiana Supreme Court Drug Court office, the U.S. Department of Health Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration and Baptist Community Ministries. Each problem solving court has been designed to target specific populations and provide resources to address particular needs. The programs are less expensive and much more effective than the traditional correction and supervision protocols. On average it costs Louisiana tax payers $25,000 to house one inmate for one year. The cost of specialty court services for judicially involved persons averages $7,000 per year per individual.

Why Support Us?

Even with basic funding, the ultimate success of each specialty court depends upon wrap services not covered by grant funding. Currently, housing assistance, transportation and monetary assistance for daily necessities is required. Through fundraising efforts, we provide assistance for rent, transportation and day to day needs which make recovery goals attainable. This assistance also ensures higher motivation for program compliance among those judicially involved persons who make up each problem solving specialty court.

Specialty Courts

Northshore Court Foundation supports the problem-solving specialty courts of the Twenty-Second Judicial District Court of Louisiana through community education and fund-raising activities intended to sustain current and enhanced behavioral health treatment programs for eligible justice involved individuals.